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  1. We greatly appreciate you and always want to provide brand new, never shipped across the country to a customer and returned back to us, item to any customer.So, once the item(s) leaves our shop, it is not returnable or exchangeable.Please make sure you are measuring your intended area of use correctly. Please double check the measurements of the shelf(s) you are purchasing. If you need assistance with how to measure these and just general questions about measurements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to help make sure you’re ordering not only the product you want, but a product that will work for your space.


  1. We offer Color Samples for a minimal fee (shipped via USPS). You receive 3 colors (of your choice) for less than $9. It’s a perfect way to literally see and hold a stain color/paint color in your hand and judge which color is your perfect color. It may surprise you to learn what that color may end up being; however, that’s a much better surprise than to receive a gorgeous product but not be in love with the color choice. We cannot offer exchanges, refunds, returns due to color. (See paragraph #1)


  1. PLEASE check your package/order within 3 days of delivery. If your product(s) have obtained shipping damage, it is important that you know this and the sooner the better. Inspect the entire product(s) within 3 days to make sure everything is good. If you wait a month – or two – or three…we won’t be able to help you.


  1. Our landscape, our buildings (inside/outside) and our lumber are fumigated on our property. This is to prevent infestation of any kind of insects, critters, or bugs/spiders. We use a natural combination of essential oils (safe to pets and humans) to make sure our products (because they are wooden) are protected against such “acts of nature.” However, once our product(s) leave our shop, where they are transported between here and there is not in our control; including where they may be placed, warehoused, transported, etc.


  1. If you do find yourself dissatisfied with your product(s), please contact us before deciding that there is no hope. We are more than happy to discuss possible solutions that will work for everyone.

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